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Intended to deliver some positive impact to society through technological advances while developing Himadri's career.


Dr. Raha completed his schooling in his hometown, Badkulla. In the year 2009 he went to Kolkata to start his BTech course in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Techno India College of Technology. His BTech thesis work was related to the logical design of 64-bit ALU using VHDL code. After graduating with BTech, he joined Jadavpur University (through GATE (EC) 2014) to pursue his Master of Technology technology degree in the discipline of Nanotechnology. There, his research work was on graphene (reduced graphene oxide).

In January 2017 he joined the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur as an institute research fellow. His doctoral research at IIT Kharagpur was on electrodes for supercapacitors. During his Ph.D. tenure, he worked on various nanomaterials, characterization tools and fabrication processes.

Himadri is an experienced experimental researcher. Whose research interest includes capacitive energy storage devices, nanomaterial based devices, 2D materials, and printable electronics.

Dr. Raha has hands on experience with various R&D equipment, like STM, AFM, screen printing and so on. Alongside these, he has profound experience with working and managing wet chemical labs. Please feel free to write to us for future collaboration.


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