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Dr. Himadri Raha

Assistant Manager: Research Engineer


+91 9735264843



OLA Electric Technologies,

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Date of Birth:

29th October, 1991

A Bit About Me

I am quite motivated to deliver positive impacts to society through scientific research in the field of energy storage and other nanomaterial based devices. After completing my Ph.D., I started working as Senior Project Scientist at IIT Kharagpur and actively looking for postdoctoral positions related to any closely related field of energy storage and/or printable electronics.

Work Experience

November 2022 - February 2023

Providing R&D support to external researchers (working in the field of nanoelectronics/ printable electronics) here at IIT Kharagpur, with the research project entitled "Indian Nanoelectronics Users Program-Idea to Innovation (INUP I2I) funded by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology".

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