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Himadri Raha

He is motivated to deliver positive impacts through scientific research in the field of energy storage and other nanomaterial based devices. Currently, he is focused on the fabrication of low-loss batteries and supercapacitors through improved device architectures and electrode materials. His long term goal is to generate and apply multi-disciplinary knowledge to develop battery technologies and printable electronics.

Citrus Fruits

Read, feel, think, rethink and make a solid plan to deliver.

Energy storage

We are constantly working on the development of electrode materials for energy storage devices.

2D materials

We also worked on various 2D material based devices, like supercapacitors and gas sensors.

Printable electronics

Recently we started intensive research on screen printed electrodes and micro supercapacitors.

Nanomaterial inks

After achieving initial success on printable devices, we formulated various nanomaterial based and metal inks.

Coming soon....

Coming soon....

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